Tony Agbapuonwu is a curator and strategy consultant. He is the founder of Art Bridge

Project, a community-based visual organization working at the intersection of artistic

exchange, creative knowledge production, and curated projects with a mandate to

educate artists and stretch the breadth of their practice. His curatorial practice focuses

on the human psyche and the fluidity of identity, gender, and diversity as a pathway to

catharsis and social change. For over 7 years, Tony has immersed himself in the

Nigerian cultural landscape and worked at global art institutions such as ART X Lagos

and Art Twenty One to present art fairs, exhibitions, workshops, live music sessions

and dynamic creative projects. He currently serves as the Residency and Onsite

Program Manager at Kòb.m.j.´ Artist Residency in Ibadan which contributes to his

passion for advancing diverse artistic practices, strengthening locally led cultural

spaces in Nigeria and overseeing grantmaking initiatives in global contexts.